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The mission is to encourage and promote the physical and cultural improvement, growth development, self-respect, self-confidence, and usefulness of all military Veterans to improve their overall quality of life. More info HERE

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Chapter History

Wil Dailey began the Vietnam Veteran Chapter 952 and the Springfield, Missouri Veteran’s Center office assisting all Veterans issues in the Myrl Billings Memorial Veterans Center. HERE

veterans helping veterans

V V A Chapter 952 is a group of Veterans and their families who actively help Veterans by providing a “helping hand up and not a hand out.” We help Veterans of all wars, spouses, and friends by providing mentoring, friendship, and information. We actively help the homeless Veteran community as well as community networking. Our goal and mission is to support Vietnam Veterans, their families and future generations for all that served their country. Join us as we make a difference in the lives of Veterans, and veteran families.

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Managing My Time Tom Blubaugh One of the problems I have always had is managing my time and choosing what is most important. I’ve read books and tried several different methods. Although I may have had some success, I did not persist. I always seemed to get off track and get involved in less important things. Being a workaholic, I felt a constant urgency to get everything done right now. This robbed me of my peace of mind and prevented … read more

Hello to All Veterans! My name is Steve Coffman. I served in the USN from 1966 to 1971. After an honorable discharge I went to college and received an electronics degree in 1983 and a B.Sc. in 1986. I hurt my right knee in the Navy, and it ached for eight years. I know about veteran pain. At the urging of a health food storeowner, I began consuming his capsules. Without drugs or surgery, my knee recovered 100% in five … read more