Calling Military Veterans For Service

by Michele Dove

One in six veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraq Freedom suffer from a substance abuse issue.  Today, thousands are in the judicial system due to substance use, alcoholism, and other medically related conditions.

The Department of Justice and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimate there are 703,000 veterans in the corrections system. However, today there is hope for hundreds of veterans because of the successful impact of Veterans Treatment Courts.   The first established Veteran Treatment Court in 2008 reported a 98% success rate for military veterans graduating their program.  The high success rate is attributed to an expert court and treatment team, and the unique and invaluable role of the veteran mentor.  Since 2008 to now, hundreds of Veteran Treatment Courts have popped up around the country, and has finally become established in SW Missouri.   Jericho Commission, a mentoring organization located in Springfield, Missouri, has been invited to partner with the Veterans Treatment Courts to provide mentors serving this court system.

graphic of logos of organizationsJericho Commission is looking for military veterans.  Perhaps YOU are one to make a difference in the life of veteran today. Michele

Contact Jericho Commission at 417-350-4005.

Statistics:  Justice for Vets

Justice for Vets Justice for Vets Video

Michele Dove is the Director of Jericho Commission. Jericho provides mentors for those coming out of incarceration, in Drug Court, and Veterans Treatment Court programs. Michele also serves as a co-director for The Springfield Recovery Community Center (SRCC). The center provides recovery support, life skills training, education, coaching and pro social events for those in recovery, substance use treatment courts, and treatment programs. Along with her husband and children, Michele’s family lived and worked in the Nation of Laos for 3 years. They also lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 12 years, working in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam Nam, Cambodia, and Myanmar (Burma). Michele has been married for 41 years, has two children and six grandchildren.

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