The mission is to encourage and promote the physical and cultural improvement, growth development, self-respect, self-confidence, and usefulness of all military Veterans to improve their overall quality of life.

Our goal and mission is to support Vietnam Veterans, their families and future generations for all that served their country. The Chapter participates in fundraisers for financial assistance to all military Veterans and assist in obtaining medical assistance as entitled, obtain daily necessities, food, healthcare, shelter, and justice partnering with local, state, and national organizations to achieve the Chapter’s goal of helping Veterans develop a positive self-image.

The following activities achieve the mission and goals of VVA Chapter 952. 

  1. Assisting Homeless Veterans
  2. Assisting Veteran Friends and Family in need
  3. Assisting Veterans with Four Square Gardening 
  4. Joining Community Forces is a Springfield area networking of people who support Veterans.Mission-springfield-veterans
  5. Mentoring
  6. Sponsor Ash Grove MO School
  7. Springfield Veterans Parade  
  8. Honor Flight Support
  9. Website Development
  10. History Project
  11. Fundraisers