Dan Igou (US Navy)

Dan was a RM3 Radioman Third Class Petty Officer with two Tours of Duty 1970-1971; HC-7 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 7 with Search & Rescue missions inland and off the coast of Vietnam serving as a radioman. The squadron was detached out of Cubi Point Naval Air Base, P.I. and deployed on several aircraft carriers in the Tonkin Gulf.  HC-7 was the most decorated naval squadron during the Vietnam War.   In 1971-1974, the USS Ranger CVA61, was a combat aircraft carrier off the coast of Vietnam providing combat air missions.  Also, the USS Ranger served as a carrier support group to Haiphong Harbor, North Vietnam mining the harbor to cut off enemy shipping supplies to the forcing the end of the war.

Dan served 5 years as VVA Chapter President 952, Springfield, MO and currently serving as Past President, 2nd Vice President. 

Dan is self-employed working in the investment/retirement services business for 25 years, married to Suzanne, 5 children, 11 grandchildren & 1 great grandson.

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