Health Corner March – April 2017

Hello to All Veterans!

My name is Steve Coffman. I served in the USN from 1966 to 1971. After an honorable discharge I went to college and received an electronics degree in 1983 and a B.Sc. in 1986.

I hurt my right knee in the Navy, and it ached for eight years. I know about veteran pain. At the urging of a health food storeowner, I began consuming his capsules. Without drugs or surgery, my knee recovered 100% in five days and never hurt again.

My restoration convinced me alternative medicine was not useless or a fraud. I began studying vitamins and minerals. My 384- page book, Ezekiel’s Medicine was published in 2009. My knowledge was fortified by The Bioelectronic Theory of Life thesis by Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, by The Cure For all Diseases, by Dr. Hulda R. Clark, and the research of nine other MDs, Ph.Ds and D.Sc.s.

I care unconditionally about sick and suffering people, so in 2012, I started selling my Thundervolt zapper. Zapping, as it’s called, doesn’t hurt. It isn’t shock therapy. It has been done for 100 years, and my Body Tester proves its effectiveness.

A Thundervolt zapper is a low-voltage electronic device used to destroy human pathogens. It can* raise the vitality and stamina of the user. The methodology was invented in 1993 by Dr. Clark, Ph.D., N.D. She created the first zapper procedure to apply her technology to people.

My zapper is quasi-similar to T.E.N.S. units used for pain relief. Using a Thundervolt zapper is a simple process; but it can increase body power and has the ability to kill* human parasites, fungi, molds, viruses, bacteria, toxins, and worms. It usually generates a zest for living. Seniors may become active for hours.

** The owner is a compassionate man who loves helping veterans. Call Steve at 207-660-5200, or visit online at

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