President’s Corner January-February 2016

Well here, it is ‘winter’, again. I hope everyone is ready for the blast of cold weather. I want to thank each of you for the contributions and assistance during 2015 and for the upcoming year. The Chapter is looking forward to a great 2016 with renewed projects, helps, fundraisers, and new membership. One of the ongoing Chapter goals is to work with all veterans from all wars and provide a home with the Chapter.

Letters of Appreciation

1. Sam Hudson received a letter from Peter Kinder as a Nominee for a Veteran office of Awards.

2. The Chapter received a letter from David Tibbles, owner of I Wannagetapizza and deeply touched by the Chapter’s focus and community giving. He related the action plan for the future to spread the word about the Chapter and services. David became an honorary member with the Chapter in November.

Thanks to David and crew for hosting the Christmas Party at I Wannagetapizza. The families and friends of the Chapter had an enjoyable time with pizza and the gifts. It was fun for all!

Where is I Wannagetapizza? 3302 S National Ave Springfield, Missouri (417) 885-0001. Follow Dave on Facebook

The State VA meeting is in a few months. If you would like to attend and meet other veteran Chapters, let me know. Please notify Sam and Charles if you would like to assist with the ongoing Homeless Veterans Care Package.

Your President,


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