Harlan Bristol (US Army)


Harlan Bristol, President of VVA Chapter 952 was born and raised in a small town east of Springfield called Ava, MO.  He attended grade school and high school playing football, baseball, and track as well as making all-star two years consecutively as third baseman.

Harlan is a “a 68-year old warhorse” Veteran of the Vietnam War from 1966 – 1969 who spent time in Vietnam as well as Germany (1968 to 1969) and a few years in the Missouri National Guard. Harlan has two Honorable Discharges with many stories to tell as well as a serious war injury resulting in a full body cast and a year recovery.

Harlan began working with the Chapter as the Sargent at Arms and elected as President three years ago. Harlan loves the Chapter and assistance provided to Veterans in need.

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