John Walker (US Army)

Vice President

John Walker was born during World War Two in Kansas City MO and spent his childhood in many communities in the Midwest and in the west before moving to Nevada MO where he graduated from High School.  He then moved to Springfield and worked his way through college at Southwest Missouri State (Missouri State University) as a full time announcer at KICK Radio, which was the only pop/rock station in the area.  John married his bride (Sue) of more than 50 years in December 1964.  He graduated from college in spring of 1965 with an education degree and a major of history and a minor in speech. He also was commissioned as an Army officer.

Following his completion of his tenure as a member of the SMS radio Broadcast team he entered the Army and attended schools at Ft. Gordon Ga. and Fort Monmouth NJ. before spending a year in Vietnam.  He served in Long Lines Battalion North created for Vietnam as a commander of a group, which supported 26 units north of Saigon to the DMZ.  After returning from Vietnam he served as a company Commander at Ft. Riley Kansas and was involved in training his 265 man company in riot control after the Martin Luther King killing.

John left the service in 1968 and enjoyed a career in management with Sears, Target and Redlee/Scs mostly in multi unit supervision.  He retired in 2006 and moved from Dallas, TX to Ozark MO.    His favorite moments are spending time with family.  He has two children Tara in LA, Jeff in Dallas, and five grandchildren ages 5-21.  John is actively involved in many volunteer projects involving Veterans and seniors as well as being an oral interpreter at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield.  John lists sports, reading and music as his hobbies and collects sports memorabilia. 

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