Rex Krasche (US Army)


Rex Krasche grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and entered the Army in 1966.  He is from a military family.  Rex’s great-grandfather served in the Civil War.  His father served in the Navy and an Uncle served in the Army Air Corps during WWII as well as his cousin served as a Colonel in SAC.

Rex trained at Fort Hood, Texas as a Combat engineer and was deployed to Vietnam as part of the 27th Combat Engineers.  Because of a truck accident in Vietnam, he spent time in a military hospital in Japan and Fitzsimons Rehab in Denver.  After he was discharged, Rex worked as a Cadillac mechanic in Des Moines.   For the last 27 years, Rex has been employed at Timken (formerly Dayco).  Rex is the Chaplain for the American Legion Post 639, American Legion District 17, and Vietnam Veteran Chapter 952. 

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