Tech Corner May-June 2016

Windows 10

Are you pestered by annoying popups in Windows 7 or Windows 8 to adopt Windows 10? Should I upgrade or not upgrade to Windows 10? Before upgrading to Windows 10, consider that installing new software on old hardware often slows the PC to a crawl.

Ask the following questions:
First, does your PC manufacturer support the move to W10? You can check this by a Google search with the make and model, and read the manual. For instance, Dell will plainly state the specific PC is supported by the move to W10. Second, the W10 upgrade often alienates at least one of the peripherals, which means a printer or other device may quit working.
Third, do you like the Windows 7 program and format? If so, the Windows 10 Navigation is different from Windows 7. Do you like the Windows 8.1 format program and format? If so, the W8.1 has offers the same functionality as Windows 10. If the upgrade to Windows 10 is unsuccessful, make sure you have restore disks to reset the PC back to factory new condition. A rollback may fail, without the restore disks, rendering the PC useless. So be sure to make those disks.

Before installing Windows 10, follow the link and explore Windows 10 in action.

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** Ed Faught retired at 24 years combined service in the US Army and National Guard. Ed has a B.A. in Computer and Information Systems and working on an Instructional technology Masters program.