Tom’s Corner May – June 2017

Life After Death

Tom Blubaugh

I took an unusual tree picture several years ago where the entire tree but it was dead except for three small limbs. The thought that came to mind was “only God can bring life after death.” God said, “Study the tree Tom. Study the tree and learn.”

As I observed the trees, I thought about the tree’s root system. I have read there is as much of the tree underground as there is above ground. I thought of the incredible root structure and source providing nutrients, growth, development, and stability. Every tree has a trunk that develops to support the tremendous weight of the tree including the vast outreach of the limbs. The trunk has to support the weight and, at the same time, has to be flexible for when the winds of storm come against it. It always amazes me to see how trees bend and sway in the wind.

I remember climbing in a tree in the front yard of my childhood home. I would climb up as far as I could until the limbs could not support me without dramatically bending. I remember hanging on as the wind blew swinging me back and forth while on the ground it seemed as if there was no wind. The tree top experiences seem like a different world with a different perspective on life.

As I continued studying the trees, I noticed hundreds of limbs jutting in every direction. I reflected on my life with every limb representing a relationship, opportunity, job, path, ministry, idea, or attempt at something. Some of the limbs were broken off; some dead; some large; some small; some looked half alive as were the avenues of my life leaving a trail of broken relationships; half finished projects; failed opportunities on the one hand and on the other business successes; good relationships and accomplished goals.

The tree and I were firmly grounded in the source and showing its age with scars. No doubt, if I could climb to the top I would see new growth stretching toward the heavens with mixed seasoned and stout limbs from battling the storms. The tree still supported life helping birds, squirrels and other life forms providing a place and adding to the biodiversity’s of the animal world. The tree continued providing oxygen and beauty to the place where it was placed in creation offering shade and music. Ah! Yes, music. I love to sit on the swing in my back yard and listen to the wind blowing through the trees that relaxes the mind and body.

Two things I did not realize in my studies:
I did not see the tree fearful of how tall it was growing nor did I see it looking down at the broken limbs. I only saw it stretch skyward as if giving praise and thanks to its Creator.

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