Tom’s Corner September – October 2016

Difficult things have happened in my life that hindered my ability to trust the Lord. One day, I was discussing trust with my pastor, my Paul, and mentor Lawrence Thompson. He told me a story about his experience during World War II that helped me tremendously.

Pastor Lawrence was in the Navy and stationed on a destroyer. One day Kamikaze planes and hit attacked the ship. He was blown into the water. At first he panicked and fought to stay afloat but became exhausted and knew the situation was impossible. He remembered the teaching he received from shipboard training and began to relax with his life preserver holding him until the rescue. While in the water for several hours, he followed the instructions from training preserving his strength with sleep and resting in Jesus.

Pastor Lawrence told me Jesus was the life preserver, which made sense and applied it to my life. I continue to struggle when in a tough situation. Though eventually when exhaustion sets in, I remember my life preserver and let Him hold me up until the situation passes or was resolved.


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