Turkey Time by Eugene Ward


November is a joyous month Of family celebrations A special month for football games And a gathering of relations.
As we sit around and watch tv And gobble too much food Our home is filled with love and laughter In a festive family mood.
And somewhere in a barnyard A loud argument is heard With the animals shouting fiercely Each trying to have the final word.
The cows yelled, “Eat more chicken” While the pigs cried, “Eat more beef” A duck screamed, “Kill the turkey” And a horse sighed, “Oh, good grief”.
Across this great, wide nation As families eat home cooked meals They talk, but the food is silent Not a gobble, moo, or squeal.





Eugene Ward Biography

Eugene always loved writing poetry. As a youth, he sent poetic birthday and anniversary cards to family members. It was easy for Eugene to remember song lyrics through poetry and he developed a knack for relating life experiences and events in poetic rhythms and rhymes. While attending a junior college, in California (1975), his professors worked effortlessly to advance his creative writing skills. In his spare time he studied nature and seasonal changes, people and places set in poetic form as a foundation for submissions in several poetry contests. In 2006, Eugene’s poetry became a book passing on to family and friends.

Eugene is currently working on a second book of poetry while living in Nixa, MO. Eugene is a member of VVA Chapter 952. The picture is a young Eugene at Basic Training Graduation.

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